Our Purpose


We exist to communicate a caring God to a contemporary culture and establish a practical, optimistic, grace-filled church that focuses upon encouraging people.

Our Core Values

  • Celebrate life and living

  • Care and accept one another

  • Focusing on the things that unite us, not the things that divide us

  • Cultivate personal growth

  • Worship is for life change

  • We believe the Bible is the main way that God communicates with us. It's a vital part of how we grow in our relationship with Him

We are people on a journey

We are simply people on a journey to know God better and to make Him known. We are committed to providing practical and relevant messages that apply to daily living. 

We value unity and diversity. Though some churches are exclusive, our priority is to accept each person where they are. No one is superior to anyone else. Jesus accepted us, so we accept and care for one another. There was no "holier than thou" attitude from the holiest person who ever walked the face of the earth. We should not have one either. Start your journey at Journey Church this Sunday at 5PM.